Oil Painting Step One

Hola folks! Sorry it's been a minute since I've updated. I'm starting an oil painting mentorship with Scott Waddell. His stuff is seriously amazing and I've always wanted to learn oil.

So here is step one, the underdrawing.  It's kind of amazing how much I struggled with this lol. I didn't use sight size for this but rather envelop (shape / observational). I find I often exaggerate shapes because of my work in cartoons. It can be cool, but I need to learn to control it. Anyway this is still in progress - I am working on adjusting and making corrections to the silhouette. Next I will start on the interior shapes.

Ohh right, for the reference image I am using a Joanie Brosas photo of her in a Vampirella cosplay. I just really liked the pose and how her hair falls. Should be fun! 

keep on keepin' on!!

Err.. I stole that, need to come up with my own sign off! :)